FAQs for ATOM Home Wireless


1. Please go to relocate request in your profile
2. Choose the service address which you want to relocate (note: Please skip this step if you have only one service address)
3. Check service availability in your new address
4. Set up the date when you want to relocate
5. Confirm to complete the relocation request process
You can request service relocation once in every three months.
Your request should be submitted at least one day in advance.
The service will not be work when you move to new address.
You don’t need to pay any additional charges for relocation.
You can’t change relocation date after confirmation.

Application Process

You can buy it through online or ATOM Partner. Before buying ,you have to register through broadband.atom.com.mm.
Checking coverage is needed as our service is only available in selected coverage areas with LTE/4G network.
You can check it here https://broadband.atom.com.mm/check-coverage by pointing the exact location in map.
No , you can’t use the service in other address which is differ from registered location.
“Deliver to home” is ordering through online and device is delivered within 3 days after payment. “Buy at shop” is registering through online and pay cash and collect the device from the shop near your location
Customer can pay through 1-2-3 service:
1. Paying at any 1-2-3 service counter and presenting the payment code
2. Mobile Banking/ ibanking

Customer can pay directly by using mobile banking or mobile financial services.

Customer can pay with varies payment options on broadband website.

For more details, visit https://bit.ly/ATOMPayGuide
You can’t cancel your order after payment process is done.

Delivery Process

Your order will be delivered within minimum of 3 working days after payment process is done.
Delivery fees is free of charge.
Yes, our courier deliver orders weekends and holidays also.
Our courier will provide an acknowledgement receipt upon delivery.

Activation Process

To activate your service , please do the following steps:
1. Connect the power adaptor the router device wait for the indicator to turn blue/cyan
2. Connect to your router’s wifi network. Wifi Name (SSID) and password (WiFi key) can be found at the bottom of the device
3. Activate your internet. Go to http://atom.com.mm and you will be redirected to an activation page.
You can see the device name and password under the router as SSID (Wireless Network Name) and wifi key (Password)

Document Verification

You will receive the SMS/email when your upload document is not consistent with your detail information and the service will be stopped until you upload the correct one
You need to upload the correct document again

Plan Renewal

You will receive the notifications through SMS/email near the end of your subscription (7days ,1day and date of expiration)
When you receive the SMS notifications, a renewal link will be provided where you can renew and purchase monthly subscriptions
You can change type of subscription / plan in the renewal page
Yes. You can renew as early as 7 days prior to your subscription expiration
Your service will be discontinued.


You will receive 1 unit router, 1 adaptor, 1 LAN cable and 1 user manual. 
Please enter with user name and password as “admin”
1. Connect your Router network
2. Enter IP address in your browser by using “admin” as user name and password
3. Go to > setting > WLAN basic setting
4. You can change Network name in SSID and Password in WPA search key
5. Then click apply
The network status indicator will turn blue/cyan and the signal strength indicator will turn on when the router has successfully connected to a network

Fair Usage Policy

A very small amount of customers use an excessive amount of data, to the extent that it can affect the experience of others who use the service fairly. Fair Usage policy is to ensure that all customers are using a fair amount of data to provide the optimum internet experience to all customers. It protects consumers from heavy data users.
Fair usage policy will apply on your ATOM Home Wireless Internet usage of 150 GB per 30days.
After exceeding 150 GB of usage, your Internet speed will be reduced to 0.5Mbps and continue using Unlimited Data for rest of 30 days. Normal Speed of 10 Mbps (The maximum speed can be different based on the location.) will be available at the midnight of the last day from 30days and 150 GB will start again for next 30day. The remaining quota can not be carried forward for next 30days.
New Monthly Data Quota (Fair Usage Policy) will be effective starting from 20th May 2020 00:01 AM.

Product Knowledge

ATOM Home Wireless Internet provides a stable and reliable internet for your home It lets you enjoy a better online experience for your family with faster surfing, streaming, and downloading while keeping to your budget. It allows you to enjoy a 4G/LTE connection directly to your computer, Television, Smartphones and other smart devices via seamless WiFi access anywhere within your home.
The available speed is up to 10 Mbps. The maximum speed can be different based on the location.
Easy to shop via online from your home, office and on the way . Easy to make payment via cash over the counter or mobile banking. Your order will be delivered to the comfort of your home/office within 3 working days
No. It is Fixed wireless and can be used only at your registered service address.


The warranty period for device is 12 months from the date of purchase.
The following defects are covered in warranty.
1. Indicators are not working (power, network status, Wi-Fi, LAN/WAN, Signal Strength)
2. Power adapter is not working
3. Buttons failure
4. Network port is not working
This warranty does not cover any of below:
1. Router have been subjected to misuse, accidental, shipping or other physical damage ,improper installation, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, inundation, fire, water or other liquid intrusion;
2. Router has been damaged due to repair, alteration, or modification by anyone not authorized by ATOM.
3. Warranty/quality sticker or product serial number has been removed, altered or defaced
4. Warranty/quality sticker or product serial number has been removed, altered or defaced
5. Without valid proof of purchase
6. Incomplete information was provided to the ATOM Broad band's authorized service/repair center.
Bring the device to the shop where you purchased it with proof of purchase.
Only device sales is not available currently, please buy a new starter kit.

Data Add-Ons

Data allowance from base plan will be consumed first, followed by Add-on data
Data add on can be carried forward as long as customer renew the base plan.
Data add on can be carried forward as long as customer renew the base plan.